Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Geeks You Should Know: Dara Def, Queen of the Minkles!

Here at the Geek Getaway we don't just like to talk about geeky things, we also like to talk about the people who promote geeky things. Now, I can hear you thinking that I just wanted to put a sexy lady on the blog, but if you have been here before you would know that if the only thing Dara had going for her was sex appeal then I wouldn't be wasting my time. You see, besides being rather easy on the eyes, Dara is probablyone of the biggest geeks I know. To be honest, she might be one of the biggest geeks you know too...only you probably don't even realize it. You see, Dara made the rounds on the net a while back after cosplaying as Rogue and twerking like a pro. Now, I won't put that gif on the blog (the sponsors would lose their shit) but I will drop you a link. You're welcome! I would be remiss if I didn't point out that Jessica Nigiri goaded that twerk out of Dara so don't go judging her to harshly. It's not like any of you would turn down a request from Jessica.

So, now that the perverts got what they came for, let's talk about why this chick is more than just a pair of sexy eyes. (That sentence didn't end how you thought it would did it?) First and formost Dara Def is one hell of a cosplayer. Now, I know a lot of people think cosplay is just slapping on a costume and parading around but those people are morons, so don't listen to them. Dara, like any cosplayer worth their salt, isn't content to make a costume that is good enough. No, Dara goes all out and does her damndest to make sure her costumes are accurate. Well, that is when she is cosplaying as an actual character. You see, in addition to cosplaying as well known characters, Dara also creates characters of her very own. From My Little Pwny to Sith Lord Minkle she let's her geek flag fly high and proud!
Now, if all Dara did was kick ass cosplay then it would be enough to get her on this blog post, but she also does Twitch streaming. Now, this isn't your glitch hunt, jump scare, speed running, awesome gaming streaming. No, her streaming is more akin to watching your kid sister fumble her way through a video game. Now I say that with all the love in the world because despite her inability to drive a car in Watchdogs 2 she is a blast to hang around with during a steam. For those of you who spend a lot of time on stream that last sentence might have confused you, so allow me to explain. You see, back before online gaming was a thing group of kids would gather around a single TV, shooting the shit while passing the contoller around. With the exception of getting passed a controller every now and then, Dara's streams are that same kind of experience. She reads the chat and responds to it almost as fast as it goes up, having actual conversations with her fans and not just screaming at them or acting "silly" to get views. Speaking of getting views, anyone heading to her stream to get a good look at Dara will quickly learn she is no gamer girl and has the game taking up the majority of the screen while she sits in a small box off to the side because Dara is not streaming for cash or attention, she does it beacuse she genuinely enjoys it. While Dara does her thing, others in chat are talking to one another free of meme spam and raid bullshit. It's this intimate atmosphere that makes me hesitant to advertise her stream lest it become so crowded Dara can't talk to everyone. Well, as far as problems go I guess that is a good one to have right?
Fans of Pure Pwnage might be pleasently surprised to find out Dara is a friend of the Pure Pwnage crew, and even gets a shout out in the Pure Pwnage TV show. I'll let you figure out what it is.(Hint: Check out her old handle on twitter or her YouTube page name.) Speaking of her Twitter and YouTube accounts, you can find Dara all over social media, as well as her Patreon page and a place to buy some sweet cosplay prints of hers, by following the links provided below. And, as always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

Dara on Facebook
Dara on Twitter
Dara on Instagram
Dara on Twitch
Dara on YouTube
Dara's Patreon
Dara's Cosplay Print Shop
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Friday, December 2, 2016

Thor Ragnarok: Will The Enchantress Please Stand Up?

In 2017 Thor Ragnarok will hit theaters and we will treated to another Marvel gem...I hope. It has to be better then Thor: The Darkworld right? I mean Ragnarok is going to have The Hulk in it, so there's that at least. I digress, because we are not here to discuss whether of not Thor Ragnarok will be good or not, we are here to discuss The Enchantress.

For those not in the know, Amora The Enchantress is an Asgardian witch of sorts who uses her powers of persuasion to coerce people to do her bidding. For those who have seen Jessica Jones on Netflix, she's like a female Purple Man with a few more tricks up her sleeve. In addition to her magical abilities, Amora The Enchantress has an Asgardian former executioner named Skurge follow her around like a puppy dog. Skurge is that guy in the picture above, and he has almost as much strength as Thor. It is because Skurge is in Thor Ragnarok that fans have been asking if Amora was also in the movie and I believe she is. In fact, I believe she was cast and paraded in front of our faces yet no one realized. How can that be, well to answer that we first have to discuss another character, The Valkyrie.

The Valkyrie, like Skurge, has already been cast in Thor Ragnarok and shares a history with Amora the Enchantress. Over the course of Valkyrie's comic career she has been utilized by Amora far more than by Asgard's ruler Odin. I one time, Amora was able to transfer the soul of the Valkyrie into thebody of a human. It is thisValkyrie that joins the Defenders and becomes an ally of Dr. Strange and The Hulk. Yes, the two characters who seem to have the biggest connection to Thor, Strange's magic being linked to Asgard and Hulk appearing in Ragnarok as Thor's ally, have a huge connection to the Valkyrie. Interesting I hear you thinking, but what does this have to do with Amora? Well, remember when I said Amora the Enchantress was able to transfer the soul of the Valkyrie into a human body. The reason she was able to do this is because Amora had trapped the Valkyrie's soul in a magic orb. What of her body you may be thinking. Well, Amora used that like a skin suit, and pretended to be the Valkyrie!

You see that comic cover? That was the debut of the Valkyrie in Avengers 83, a debut that was revealed to be Amora posing as the Valkyrie. Once again I can hear your thoughts and you have made the connection, the Valkyrie that is debuting in Thor Ragnarok will be none other than Amora the Enchantress in disguise! Since Hela is involved in the plot, I imagine the Valkyrie's soul will be trapped in her realm and freed during the mid or post credits scene of Thor Ragnarok. Well, what do you guys think? Does this theory make sense? As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Agents of SHIELD Theory: Aida and The Brain!

Agents of Shield season 4 Ep. 7 Deals with Our Devils ended with the androis Aida creating some sort of brain with the same mystical/scinetific gloves she used to save Coulson and Fitz. Now, I have many people express the opinion that this is forshadowing Aida's turn to evil, making her a sort of Ultron lite if you will, and setting up the villain for the remainder of the season. Well folks, strap yourselves in because the ride is going to get bumpy but it isn't going to end with an evil Aida. You see, Aida was programmed to mimic human behavior and emotion and it is often said that one of the strongest emotions of femals is the desire to have a baby. The one thing Aida could never do, until the Darkhold showed her how she could do just that. I know what your thinking, surely Aida could have built an LMD at any time so why now? What could the Darkhold show her that would make this different? Well, you see Aida know she is a LMD and I suspect any A.I. they could have created prior to the Darkhold's knowledge would realize the same thing, especially if it never aged. So, then what did the Darkhold show Aida? It showed her how to create a child that would age and never realize it was an android. It showed her how to create...Machine Teen!

Who is Machine Teen I hear you asking, well that is slightly complicated but I'll do my best to explain. Machine Teen was an attempt by Marvel to reintroduce Machine Man, a character that playe a huge role in the Earth X series of comics, into the Marvel Universe. I told you it was complicated. Anyways, Machine Man was/is Aaron Stack, the last sentient robot from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Yes, the Stanly Kubrick film of the same name was turned into a comic by Jack Kirby. Abel Stack, Aaron's creator sacrificed his life to remove Aaron's self destruct device, then a monolith helped Aaron achieve true sentience. More or less. Aaron is eventually brought into the proper Marvel Universe nd he goes on to have many adventures, even becoming a member of the Avengers.

As I said before, Machine Teen is a new take on the Machine Man mythos, one that now involves Holden Radcliffe. Yes, that Holden Radcliffe, Aida's creator and the person we began this journey talking about. You see, in the Machine Teen comic Holden tried to pervert Machine Teen's creators work, resulting in Machine Teen being created. See how everything is connected? Machine Teen initially has no clue he is a robot and tries to live life as a normal teen, before stuff happens and he has a few adventures. Yeah, pretty generic description but I am not going to ruin the Machine Teen series for you, just go out and buy it. Eventually Machine Teen joins the Avengers Acadamy, damn maybe it all is connected, and starts to learn to use his powers for good. I believe that Aida is indeed building Machine Teen and the second half of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD will involve him being raised by Holden and Aida as a normal kid until somone discovers he true nature and tries to use his advanced technology to eliminate the Inhumans. So, what are your thougts? Am I right like I was about Jeffery Mace becoming the new Director or am I way off base. As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

5 Things We Want Added To Fallout 4!

There is no such thing as a perfect game, but Fallout 4 comes damn close in my opinion. The story is interesting, the atmosphere is spot on, and the DLC is some of the best offered for a game to date. Speaking of DLC, Nuka World has barely been out for a month at the time I am writing this and people are already wanting more. So, in the spirit of wanting more I present to you 5 Things We Want Added To Fallout 4! Please note I am sure all of these things can and probably are available as a mod but A) That is not an option on PS4 and B) As good as mods are, they aren't canon.

#5: Wild Synth Animals!
Clayton Holdren introduces the Survivor to the idea of synthetic animals by showing off a pair of synthetic Silverback gorillas. Now, if the Institute is looking to use Synths to terraform the planet or repopulate the Earth back to the way it was before the war then I think we should see a lot more sythetic animals roaming around. I think Fallout 4 needs to add an area that the Institute has been trying to return to pre-war times and so we see elephants, lions, gazelle, and other animals from pre-war Africa that the Survivor could hunt and gather different items from to use in crafting.

#4: Become a Raider or Gunner!
After helping settlement after settlement, you just want to run around killing, stealing, and sticking it to Preston Garvey! With so many Raiders out there, why can't we don some Raider gear and just sign up to be part of the rag tag group of Mad Max rejects? Adding this ability would have the bonus benefit of allowing you to enter the Combat Zone and actually participate in gambling, drinking, and cage fighting. We already know there is an unused basement to the Combat Zone so why not just finish the area Bethesda and let us be Raiders for a bit. The Gunners are almost the opposite of The Raiders, but just like them we can neither join, help, or do jobs for them. I suggest Bethesda allow us to pick up mercenary work for The Gunners and hunt down various members of other factions, capture areas or objects for The Gunners, and earn Caps while we do so.

#3: Become a Synth or Super Mutant!
Two of the most interesting things in the Commonwealth are the Synths and the Super Mutants, yet we are never able to become either one even though doing so would be very easy to pull off. Synths are merely people or robots whose brain patterns/consciousness were placed in humanoid/cyborg bodies. Why not let the Survivor decide to become a Synth and permenately alter their SPECIAL ability limits by making their inteligence, endurance, and perception limits 13 but bringing their agility, strenth, and charisma limits down to 7. Similirly, you should be able to inject yourself with the Forced Evolution Virus and turn into a Super Mutant altering the SPECIAL limits in reverse to the Synth's new limits. In addition to turning into either one of these, doing so should unlock the ability to lead a faction of Synths or Super Mutants across the Commonwealth clashing with whatever faction you sided with when you finished the original story of Fallout 4.

#2: Unlock the Glowing One Ability!
In Fallout 4 you can already unlock various perks to bring you emulate Ghouls, but there is no way for you to unlock the unique abilities of The Glowing Ones. I suggest adding a new perk that allows you to become a Glowing One if you absord too much radiation. This would allow you to lead Ghouls after your enemies, make feral ghouls non hostile toward you, and give off radition damage to nearby enemies. The downside would be not being able to sleep, harming anyone nearby even if they are non-hostile settlers, and having your settlment defenses as well as Diamond City security target you.

#1: Gatherers!
Now, one of the things Bethesda is known for is the subpar AI when it comes to NPCs and companions. Now, everyone and their mother has already complained about companions so I won't be talking about that. No, I want to discuss the wasted potential in Settlers. You see, so much time is wasted going back and forth from various locations to one of your settlements in order to loot the area completely. This time is almost tripled if you play Survial Difficulty and can no longer fast travel between locations. What I would love to be able to do is clear out a location of enemies, go back to a settlement and assign a settler or two to clearing the loacation of anything I left laying around. Bethesda could add some sort of time until completion based on distance from the settlement and how many settlers you assign to the task. This would free the player up to continue playing the game and not spend so much time lugging desk fans back and forth.

BONUS: A Giant Otopus Enemy!
With all the water around Mirelurks can not be the only sea life that thrived from the raditaion. Give me a giant octopus enemy because that would be awesome!

Do you want to see these things in Fallout 4? Do you have some things on your Fallout 4 wish list that I didn't mention? As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

The New Director Of SHIELD is....

As fans of Agents of SHIELD know, we are getting treated to a new director this season. So far, no one has mentioned the new directors name, they simply have referred to him as The Director. Well folks, I am here to let you all in on the secret identity of the mysterious Director. The Director is in fact Jeffrey Mace AKA The Patriot!

The Patriot is a WWII era hero who modeled himself after Captain America, however I have doubts that our Director will be given that back story. No, I think the new director will take up Captain America's shield and lead SHIELD as The Patriot, paying homage to his comic roots while at the same time giving his story a twist.

Now, I know many will say this is mere speculation, but a clip from episode 2 of Agents of SHIELD clearly shows Agent Coulson calling the new director by the first name Jeffrey. The actor playing the Director, Jason O'Mara, has already stated the character has comic roots back to the 40's and so the only character to fit these 2 clues is Jeffrey Mace AKA The Patriot. Well, what do you all think? As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Are You A True Gamer? Take the Quiz and Find Out....

Hey everybody, I thought I'd take a step back from posting serious geek content to make a little gaming quiz to help you figure out if you a True Gamer or just some poser trying to look cool in our geek ruled society. This is a 25 question quiz with all the answers at the bottom, but please refrain from looking at them before you answer the questions because that is the behavior of a poser and not a True Gamer, like I am sure all of you will say you are after taking this quiz. Most question are multiple choice, but there are a few true/false questions and one you need to answer yourself. Good luck, you noobs will need it.

Question #1: Is Candy Crush is a real game?
A) Yes, but only by a technicality B) No C) HELL NO!

Question #2: Angry Birds is...
A) Dumb B) A great Crush the Castle clone C) A great game to play on the toilet

Question #3: The Proper way to fix a NES game is to...
A) reset it B) jiggle the console C) blow on the game D) hold the B button down

Question #4: World of Warcraft is...
A) a feeling B) The best MMO ever C) Meh D) better than sex

Question #5: Single player RPGs are...
A) for untalented gaming wannabes B) awesome C) the best weapon in COD 4

Question #6: Would you rather be
A) extremely rich B) have Uber-Micro? C) Fly

Question #7: Mario is to Luigi as Jimmy is to
A) Johns B) Lee C) Billy D) Abobo

Question #8: The greatest gamer of all time is...
A) Billy Mitchel B) Teh Pwnerer C) You are D) Donald Trump

Question #9: The best video game system of all time is...
A) Xbox One B) PS4 C) Nintendo Wii U D) PC E) The one you enjoy with your friends

Question #10: League of Legends is ruining the gaming world!
A) True B) False

Question #11: All Mobile Games Suck!
A) True B) False

Question #12: Finish this phrase BOOM!
A) You're dead! B) Got you C) Palm strike! D) HEAD SHOT!

Question #13: The Mario Bros. Made their debut in...
A) Super Mario Bros. B) Donkey Kong C) Mario Bros. D) Mario Kart

Question #14: The hero of The Legend of Zelda is...
A) Ganon B) Zelda C) Link D) Tingle

Question #15: The Konami code is...

Question #16: The Konami Code debuted in...
A) Contra B) Rush'n Attack C) Galaga D) Gradius

Question #17: To truly Pwn one must...
A) Practice B) be born with it. C) Pwn at all games D) never rage quit

Question #18: The best strategy is always...
A) A 3 dozer build B) one you got online C) the one that always wins, except when Kyle uses it

Question #19: The best game of all time is...
A) Fallout 4 B) Skyrim C) Tic Tac Toe D) Chess E) Go F) RL

Question #20: I'm coming at your base with two rockvees and an ambo – you've got a Jarmen, two scorps, and a quad. What do you do?

Question #21: Modern games are..
A) Too easy B) Too short C) Too expensive D) Pay to win E) All of the above

Question #22: Modern gamers are
A) Too casual B) Too sensitive C) Mostly older women D) All of the above

Question #23: If you suck at a game you should...
A) Rage quit! B) Break your controller C) Git good!

Question #24: The worst thing to happen to games is...
A)Day 1 DLC B) Pre-Order Bonuses C) Microtransactions D) Pewdie Pie

Question #25: Did you actually take this quiz without cheating?
A) Yes B) No C) Yes, but I skipped some questions D) No, but only for question 20!

Answer Key
1) A 11) B 21) B
2) B or C 12) D 22) D
3) C 13) C 23) C
4) A or C 14) C 24) D
5) B 15) D 25) A
6) B 16) D
7) C 17) C
8) B 18) C
9) E 19) D
10) B 20)* see below

Answer for Question 20:
Snipe the ambo with Jarmen and target both Scorps on the first rockvee, their missiles will insta-gib it. Kite back with all units while Jarmen picks off the MDs and the Quad adds some DPS. As soon as the Scorp missiles are re-loaded, turn around, engage the second rockvee and clean up the remainder with an a-move. EZPZ.

0 = Total Noob
1- 5 = Not as bad as Kyle, but still pretty bad
6- 10 = You don't totally lick my balls!
11-15 = Oh look, a trained noob.
16- 20 = You are a true gamer!
21- 24 = Congrats, you are 1337!
25= You are an Uber-Gamer!

26 = Hacker!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Spider-Man: Homecoming Spoilers Part 1

The plot of Spider-Man: Homecoming is tightly under wraps at Marvel and Sony, but with a few of the revelations we have been given I am pretty confident in announcing a few spoilers for the movie. Now, unlike other sites that just throw out things to catch views, all my theories are based on 30 years of comic book reading and a great talent for making educated guesses. So, without further ado or any more build up, let's talk Spider-Man Homecoming spoilers!

Spoiler #1: The Vulture is not Adrian Toomes but Blackie Drago!
In the comics Blackie Drago is a thief who happens to be locked up with Adrian Toomes, the original Vulture, and through trickery is able to acquire the location of the Vulture's spare suit. Donning the Vulture suit, Blackie takes up the mantle of The Vulture and begins a crime spree around New York. Blackie Drago is nothing more than a thief and there would be the reason the second villain, The Tinkerer, would be needed in the movie. You see, I believe we will get Adrian Toomes as the inventor of the Falcon technology which Blackie Drago will steal and bring to the Tinkerer in order to have his suit built. Seeing how neither Blackie nor the Tinkerer have access to Stark Technology they will use recovered Chitauri technology instead, resulting in a suit more powerful then the one Falcom uses. 

Spoiler #2 The Hobgoblin is going to be hinted at in the end credits scene!
With the Vulture defeated and New York saved the Tinkerer is going to be looking to make the money Blackie Drago owes him for building the Vulture suit. That's when Logan Marshall-Green will show up and make inquiries about the suit's wings. The wings, being the only thing The Tinkerer has spares of with be turned on and rise up from the floor at which point Logan, known as Mr. Kingsley, will ask if they are stable enough for someone to stand on thus hinting at the creation of the goblin glider.

Spoiler #3 The Shocker will be defeated within the first few minutes of the movie.
In order to show off Spider-Man's abilities and how hectic his life has become, The Shocker will show up within the first ten minutes of the movie and be defeated just as fast as he appears. This will be a nod to the appearance of The Shocker in Ultimate Spider-Man where he is defeated five times, proving to be nothing more than a nuisance to Spider-Man. 

Well, those are the first round of spoilers for Spider-Man Homecoming. As we get more information about the movie I will make more predictions, reveal more spoilers, and put out a theory or two. As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Let's Talk About Gamer Girls

First off, yeah the pic in the beginning is pretty much click bait. Sorry, but I think what I have to say about this subject warranted getting as much eyes on this article as possible. Secondly, the picture toward the end of the article took longer to find then actually writing this article. Third, in no way, shape, or for am I a feminist. I appreciate an attractive women, I enjoy "cheesecake" very much, I have no issues with women looking sexy while playing games, starring in games, or talking about games. Now, with all that said, we really need to talk about "gamer girls." You notice how I put that in quotes, because it seems this term has taken on a life of its own and no longer means actual female gamers but instead it is used to describe females who play games while looking sexy. Now, as I said before, I got no problem with attractive women playing games and I even know an attractive female who is not a gamer girl, but a true female gamer. The problem I have is men, very stupid, teenage, hormone driven, men believe that female gamers should look and behave like this so called "gamer girls."

Now, I don't know about you but I don't think strippers will take any opportunity to hop on a pole and twerk for dollars, so why do people believe that these women, who may actually play games off camera, act like the above pictures when they are alone? These women pretending that this is normal leads to men going crazy when they hear a female voice over their headset. These men, thinking that all female gamers are oversexed horn dogs, act like fools trying to get some action from these women instead of just playing games with them like they want to. This behavior, coupled with the moronic misogynistic attitudes of some guys, leads to females abandoning games and thus they create the idea of female gamers being few and far between. 

Look, porn is fine as long as we realize that the pizza guy is not getting a special tip nor is he bringing "extra sausage" to that lonely housewife down the street. Gamer girls are fine too, as long as we realize it is just an act to make money by women not willing to work in the strip club. Females game just as hard, and in some cases harder, then us guys and we need to respect that. We also need to back off a bit and get to know the voice on the other end of the headset before trying to get them in our bed. These women playing Call of Duty, Fallout, or Mortal Kombat don't want your number, your pick-up lines, or you're dick pics...they only want to whoop your ass in a game or help you beat that next boss fight. Let me leave you with this bit of advice, if you wouldn't act that way if she was next to you on the couch gaming then don't act that way online. So, go out there and have a great time and don't be shocked when you find out you got a no scope head shot death from a female gamer. As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Theory About Scott Adkins Character in Dr. Strange

Ever since Scott Adkins was announced to appear in Dr. Strange people have been trying to figure out what character he will play or how will he be involved in the plot, well I think I have finally came up with the answers to both questions. You see, I believe Scott Adkins will play Shen Kuei AKA The Cat! For those that have no idea who The Cat is, well he is considered one of the greatest martial artist on the planet whose skill rivals that of Shang-Chi the master of Kung Fu. In addition to being a martial arts master, Shen Kuei is an assassin, thief, and all around ninja for hire that has no qualms working for either a villain or hero.

So, as I see it Scott Adkins will be playing Shen Kuei who was hired by Baron Karl Mordo to kill Stephen Strange. This will lead to a fight between Wong, Dr. Strange's assistant/servant/handler, in which Wong gets his butt handed to him in quick fashion. Dr. Strange will then be forced to break out some spells to defeat his foe, which at that point he was having trouble doing thus showcasing his selflessness is the key to his powers as opposed to his old selfish self, and we might even get a joke about all Asians not being Kung Fu masters since wong got beat by what will be revealed as a white guy. I see Shen Kuei reappearing at the end of the film to either connect Iron Fist, or The Hand with Dr. Strange which would connect Dr. Strange to his most famous group from the comics...The Defenders!

So, what do you guys think? Is Scott Adkins playing Shen Kuei? Do you think he might be playing another role? Will Marvel try to connect Dr. Strange to The Defenders? As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Ideas Part 1: Less Daisy and Villain of the week

As season 3 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is behind us and season 4 is right around the corner I feel like now is the perfect time to toss out a few of my ideas for what should appear or happen in the upcoming season. First off let me say how glad I am that Skye/Daisy is no longer a part of S.H.I.E.L.D. I never liked her character, the way Marvel lied about her being an original character upon her debut, the swerve changing her from Mantis to Daisy Johnson, and the complete focus on her as the super special, only important person, can do no wrong Mary Sue! Semi rant aside, I think Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. needs to pull the focus off of Daisy and on to the actual organization of S.H.I.E.L.D. itself. With a new Director going to show up in season 4, my money is on Glenn Talbot,  now is the time to show us how agents are picked, trained, and move through the ranks. We already saw a little of this, but not enough to truly get a sense of what S.H.I.E.L.D. is really like when not on ongoing missions as the titular Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have been on since season 1. In addition to getting more information on S.H.I.E.L.D. by pulling away from Daisy, we can also pull away from the whole Inhumans debacle and try to put some of that genie back in the bottle. 

Now I know many people like Daisy as a character and want more of her, but truly her presence has done more to derail the show from its ability to act as a bridge between MCU movies. In season 1 her focus was bearable because she was supposed to be our avatar into the world of the MCU and we had to learn her arc, but after 3 seasons of everyone fawning over her and decisions being based all around her, it will be nice to see the agents do what they do best and go after super villains too small scale for The Avengers and the other MCU heroes while also expanding the MCU as a whole with bits and pieces of every heroes backstory and secondary characters. 

Expanding on what I wrote about the agents going after lower level super villains, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. needs to go to a villain of the week format. Imagine seeing Spider-Man villains that we know will never be in a movie causing havoc and getting busted by the agents. You could have Shocker show up and mention how Spider-Man busted him once before, thus adding to Spider-Man's backstory, while also having a pretty cool villain for the agents to fight. I know when Blizzard, Absorbing Man, and Graviton showed up on the show I lost my shit! They were must see episodes, just to see what was going to happen with them and how they were going to be connected to the overall MCU. That kind of excitement and must watch TV feeling was lost as the show put more and more focus on Daisy and then the Inhumans. In order to make the villain of the week work within the current story, they could continue to hunt Daisy and S.H.I.E.L.D. goes to areas they think she is active only to find the villain of the week or something along those lines. 

Well, those are my thoughts for now. Be sure to come back for Part 2 as I will give my thoughts on the Ghost Rider rumors for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that have been floating around. As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Marvel Characters Who Should Appear On Marvel's Most Wanted Part 1: The Swordsman

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has already been used to introduce several classic Marvel Comics characters such as Deathlok, The Absorbing Man, and Blizzard and I feel like there are several more characters who would fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe quite nicely. Now, with Marvel spinning off a show from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. called Marvel's Most Wanted it seems like the perfect opportunity to introduce several more classic characters. Now then, the first of these characters I feel needs to be on Marvel's Most Wanted is none other than The Swordsman. Now, their have been several men who have used the Swordsman identity over the years but I am speaking about the original Swordsman, Jacques Duquesne. Before I tell you how he would fit into both Marvel's Most Wanted. and the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe allow me to briefly sum up his history.

Taken from Wikipedia: "Jacques Duquesne was born to a wealthy French family in the French occupied fictional Southeast Asian nation of Sin-Cong. Unlike his father and other French people living in Sin-Cong Jacques held no prejudice against the native people and was asked to join a communist rebellion against the French after openly helping his Asian servant. Jacques was given a costume and, in his mind, became the freedom fighter The Swordsman. However, after helping overthrow French rule his father was murdered by the rebellions leader Wong Chu. Wong Chu insulted Jacques for siding with people who hated him and soon Jacques left Southeast Asia a broken man. Jacques Duquesne began to show up at various circuses and carnivals under the Swordsman name performing tricks with swords, daggers, and various other bladed weapons. The Swordsman eventually ended up the star performer at the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders, however he was far from wealthy as he had descended into both gambling and drunkenness. It is at this point that The Swordsman took a young runaway by the name of Clint Barton under his wing. Barton would go on to become the Avenger Hawkeye and the greatest enemy of The Swordsman.  Eventually The Swordsman was busted stealing money from the carnival promoter by none other than Clint Barton, however years later it would be revealed the promoter was cheating Jacques of money owed to him. The Swordsman would float around as a sword for hire for years before becoming an agent of The Mandarin. It was the Mandarin who would build the Swordsman's sword from alien technology. The Swordsman would then join the Avengers while secretly working for Mandarin and come to find he liked being a hero, although circumstances would force him back into villainy. Swordsman would straddle the fence between hero and villain for years before sacrificing his life to save the life of fellow Avenger Mantis."

The Swordsman would fit perfectly into Marvel's Most Wanted and the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. Using The Swordsman on Marvel's Most Wanted would allow a peak into the past of Hawkeye without actually needing Jeremy Renner to make an appearance on the show. This tease of Hawkeye's past would also lead to greater interest in one of the "lesser" Avengers. The Swordsman connection to The Mandarin would allow more insight into the actual Mandarin, the real Mandarin was only hinted at in the Marvel one shot movie All Hail the King, and allow this character to get more backstory and set him up for a debut in Iron Man 4. Lastly, as a villainous mercenary with realistic powers and a technology based weapons it would give Bobbi and Hunter a villain they could fight on equal footing while also show that everyday villains have been upping the ante since the appearance of The Avengers. Lastly, a Swordsman appearance would also show how good intentions and idealism can go wrong, showing us how Bobbi and Hunter could easily slip over to the other side. Another great thing the Swordsman could bring to the show would be the idea of mercenaries being made and paid to hunt down heroes and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents hinting at bigger villains and even more classic characters and evil organizations from the Marvel Comics being active in the MCU.

Well, that puts an end to part 1 of Characters Who Should Appear On Marvel's Most Wanted. Although I have quite a few characters already in mind for this ongoing series of post I am always open to suggestions from anyone who reads this, As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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Avengers Age of Ultron: Crazy Theory #2 The Vision didn't kill Ultron!

Once again we are back with a crazy Avengers Age of Ultron theory, this time I will be telling you why The Vision did not in fact kill Ultron at the end of the movie. First off, every major death in the MCU has been completely on screen and in your face. In Age of Ultron we see Quicksilver get gunned down, in Daredevil we see the piles of bodies The Punisher leaves behind, and in Jessica Jones we see Jessica walk over and snap the neck of The Purple Man. None of these deaths can be denied or seen as anything else. However, in Age of Ultron when The Vision "kills" Ultron the camera does something very pans out.

Now, one could argue that the death was off screen to maintain the Avengers no killing stance, letting the kids know that heroes do not kill and all that. However, during Ant-Man we clearly see Ant-Man cause the death of Darren Cross by causing Cross' suit to malfunction and implode with Darren still inside so that nullifies that argument. We also can eliminate any arguments against seeing a bloody death scene out due to Ultron being a robot. So, where does that leave us? Well, we know that The Vision considers himself a force of life as opposed to Ultron's force of death so killing Ultron would not be in character for Vision. Add to the fact that The Vision clearly states he doesn't want to kill Ultron because Ultron is unique. Add in to the fact that Ultron used part of his own programming to create Vision and we have a robot that is not just created by Ultron but a part of him. In the comics it is this "piece" of Ultron inside of The Vision that not only prevents The Vision from destroying Ultron but makes him try to restore him should Ultron ever fall. So, if I don't think Ultron was killed by The Vision, what do I think?

Simple, he allowed his body to be disintegrated while his mind was absorbed into the Mind Stone. It is through the Mind Stone that Ultron will come back and inadvertently allow Thanos to acquire the last Infinity Stone during Avengers Infinity War Part 1. You see, inside The Vision there will be a nagging at the back of his mind which is Ultron telling him to build another body and release Ultron once again. Ultimately I believe that Ultron being inside The Mind Stone will also be how The Avengers defeat Thanos, since Ultron would not want to serve a flesh bag like Thanos and thus from inside The Infinity Gauntlet he will bring Thanos down. So, what do you guys think? Is Ultron done for good? Will The Vision resurrect Ultron? Is the Vision trying to rehabilitate Ultron with the Mind Stone? As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

3 Movies The Marvel MCU Needs For Phase 4!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the MCU as we geeks tend to refer to it, is chugging away with plans extending all the way into 2028 if rumors are to be believed. With that said there are a number of Marvel properties that deserve to be involved in the MCU. With that said I submit to you, 3 Movies The Marvel MCU Needs For Phase 4!

Marvel Team-Up is a property Marvel can use to help launch lesser known characters while still making money hand over fist. This is exactly the strategy the comic book Marvel Team-Up used to help launch comics of new heroes, get eyes on comics with declining sales, or to give the fans a great adventure between two or more characters that might never interact otherwise. The MCU is full of heroes that many consider B-Level at best so they will never get their own movie, but a Marvel Team-Up movie would be totally plausible. Imagine Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man and Hawkeye, Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man and The Falcon, or Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man and Hercules! The Possibilities are endless and despite my toting of Spider-Man being the figurehead for a Marvel Team-Up movie series you could use any other the "big" heroes like Thor, Iron Man, or Captain America. Heck, a Marvel Team-Up Netflix series featuring The Hulk would also work in my opinion. Whatever the route they choose, a Marvel Team-Up film series needs to happen!

The Thunderbolts are like a Marvel version of the Suicide Squad with a few key differences. First off, The Thunderbolts are not seen by the public as villains. The fact that they are villains is a secret not known to anyone outside the group. Secondly, The Thunderbolts are embraced by the people of the Marvel Universe as a team on the level of the Avengers. Lastly, these villains turned heroes are not gritty and prepared to die, no they are trying to pull off the greatest con in Marvel comics history. A con they succeed at for many months until they reveal themselves and attack the Avengers. At the heart of The Thunderbolts is B-List villains that turned into A-List heroes despite their best efforts not to and the struggle to go through with their plan or remain as beloved icons. We already know Baron Zemo is in Captain America: Civil War so having him transition into Citizen V would be an easy task. Toss in some previously mentioned villains from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. like Blizzard and Graviton along with a few villains from the MCU that have been M.I.A. since their defeat like The Abomination and you have a team that could be seen as The Avengers equals. With a few of the villains already having tragic back stories, it won't be hard to imagine them wanting to stay as heroes while Zemo tries to get them to turn back into villains. Hawkeye briefly le this team in the comics so if they wanted to add him to the group it would add an extra level to things. However they handle it, this would make a great movie.

With many people already saying that we are getting oversaturated with superheroes a group of anti-heroes and monsters would be a great way to freshen things up. The Midnight Sons would be a great way to shift focus from Iron Man as the MCU figurehead to Dr. Strange. Imagine Dr. Strange gathering a group to handle the various supernatural threats popping up around the globe. With characters like Blade and Ghost Rider already having movies based on them the MCU could adapt certain elements of those movies and ditch the need for origin stories like they did with The Incredible Hulk movie starring Ed Norton. Another thing this could do is give Marvel and the MCU a reason to make R rated movies with these events almost separate from the main MCU. It would be like a second MCU that operated in the shadows adding a gritty realism and dark tone that shows that everything isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

So, what do you guys think? Would these be good ideas for movies? Should Marvel Studios consider making one or all of these? As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Stealing DC's Thunder: The Squadron Supreme in the MCU

Even with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice debuting to mixed Warner Brothers is forging ahead with its plans to make a Justice League movie. Now, many people are saying that comic book movies and television shows are reaching a tipping point, with market oversaturation and diminishing returns right around the corner. Now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has enjoyed huge success and has several films and TV shows on the horizon, so it would behoove them to squash all DC plans to make more lackluster movies. Now, there isn't anything that Marvel can do legally to stop them from making movies except to do it first and much better. Well, Marvel has done just that according to some but DC is still moving ahead with its plans. So, what could Marvel do to stop this market oversaturation and put DC off of making movies in the near future? Marvel could introduce the Squadron Supreme to the MCU!

Who are the Squadron Supreme? Well, according to Wikipedia "The Squadron Supreme first appeared in Avengers #85–86 (February–March 1971) and were created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema." However, that is not the first appearance from these characters. You see, the Squadron Supreme is based off the Squadron Sinister a group of near identical members, except these guys were evil. Once again, according to Wikipedia "The Squadron Sinister first appeared in the final panel of The Avengers #69 (Oct. 1969) and were created by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema." The Squadron Sinister consisted of four members, Hyperion, Nighthawk, Doctor Spectrum, and The Whizzer with each member based off one of DC Comics most popular characters. In case you couldn't tell which was which, Hyperion is based off of Superman. Nighthawk is based off of Batman. Doctor Spectrum is based off of Green Lantern. Finally, The Whizzer is based off of The Flash. Over the years they have added new members to the roster with Amphibian being based off of Aquaman. The Skrullian Skymaster, originally just The Skrull, being based off of Martian Man Hunter. Power Princess being based off of Wonder Woman. Golden Archer, originally called Hawkeye then the Black Archer, is baed off of Green Arrow. Skylark, originally Lady Lark, based off of Black Canary. Tom Thumb loosely based on The Atom. Blue Eagle, originally American Eagle then Cap'n Hawk, based off of Hawkman. Arcanna being based off of Zatanna. Lastly, Nuke is based off of the DC Character Firestorm. Eventually the Squadron Supreme got their own comic book limited series and added to their back story several villains based off of DC Characters as well as original creations with no DC Comics origins.


With that quick and basic introduction as to who the Squadron Supreme are, you may be wondering how and why Marvel would introduce them into the MCU. Well, there are two ways Marvel could use them to kill DC Comics hopes of getting a Justice League movie to be as big or even bigger than the Avengers. The first way would be to introduce them as a group of villains from another dimension that escaped into ours during an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. With that basic set-up and a brief on screen appearance the stage would be set to debut the Squadron Sinister/Supreme in Avengers Infinity War Part 1. I'd have The Avengers brought together to face this team, then completely mop the floor with these DC analogues, showing that Marvel is the better brand. This could all be done in the first ten minutes of the movies with Iron Man quipping that they could have called in just him to deal with these "losers." The audiences world wide would realize these characters were basically the Justice League and DC Comics would be completely embarrassed and forced to reconsider their Justice League plans.

The second way, and the way in which I would want these characters brought out and used would be to once again introduce them in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a team of heroes from another dimension. I'd quickly show some highlights of their powers in action so we get a real sense of what they can do. I'd then debut the team in a Netflix or ABC produced series which would lead up to a full length feature film that sees the team leave their dimension and join the MCU with no hope of returning home thrown in for good measure. With a back to basics approach Marvel could give DC Comics fans the versions of their heroes they want and ruin the darker, grittier versions of the Justice League once and for all. Not only would Marvel kill off the chances of a Justice League movie they would gain DC Comics fans fed up with the distorted versions of the beloved characters they grew up with.

Well, there you have it folks, the sure fire way Marvel can stick it to DC Comics and Warner Brothers while also making a little money. Feel free to comment, like, share, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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