About this blog and me.

Welcome to your one stop shop for everything Geek. Here at The Geek Getaway I am going to try to analyze, criticize, and offer opinions on all things Geek. From comics to video games to movies to everything in between. Along with the in depth reviews of various Geek Pop Culture I will try to offer alternative ideas to how things could be done better, how they should be done properly, or how they would be done if I was in charge. Additionally I will be offering wild theories and crazy thoughts I have on said media.It is going to be a wild ride and I hope all of you stick with me through the ups and the downs.

Now that you know what this blog is all about, here's a little something about me. i am a 35 year old uber geek who enjoys writing almost as much as I enjoy playing video games. I am a huge fan of Marvel Comics, but also dip my toes into DC and various independent comics. I play RPG, FPS, RTS, and some fighting games mostly, but will try just about any game that looks good. I have a fondness for retro or old school games but I realize how hilariously outdated most of them really are. I love movies and will talk endlessly about theories or plot holes I see in them. I tend to ramble and have no real clue how to end a conversation.

Well, there you have it, this is The Geek getaway, please enjoy your visit.