Geeks You Should Know: Dara Def, Queen of the Minkles!

Here at the Geek Getaway we don't just like to talk about geeky things, we also like to talk about the people who promote geeky things. Now, I can hear you thinking that I just wanted to put a sexy lady on the blog, but if you have been here before you would know that if the only thing Dara had going for her was sex appeal then I wouldn't be wasting my time. You see, besides being rather easy on the eyes, Dara is probablyone of the biggest geeks I know. To be honest, she might be one of the biggest geeks you know too...only you probably don't even realize it. You see, Dara made the rounds on the net a while back after cosplaying as Rogue and twerking like a pro. Now, I won't put that gif on the blog (the sponsors would lose their shit) but I will drop you a link. You're welcome! I would be remiss if I didn't point out that Jessica Nigiri goaded that twerk out of Dara so don't go judging her to harshly. It's not like any of you would turn down a request from Jessica.

So, now that the perverts got what they came for, let's talk about why this chick is more than just a pair of sexy eyes. (That sentence didn't end how you thought it would did it?) First and formost Dara Def is one hell of a cosplayer. Now, I know a lot of people think cosplay is just slapping on a costume and parading around but those people are morons, so don't listen to them. Dara, like any cosplayer worth their salt, isn't content to make a costume that is good enough. No, Dara goes all out and does her damndest to make sure her costumes are accurate. Well, that is when she is cosplaying as an actual character. You see, in addition to cosplaying as well known characters, Dara also creates characters of her very own. From My Little Pwny to Sith Lord Minkle she let's her geek flag fly high and proud!
Now, if all Dara did was kick ass cosplay then it would be enough to get her on this blog post, but she also does Twitch streaming. Now, this isn't your glitch hunt, jump scare, speed running, awesome gaming streaming. No, her streaming is more akin to watching your kid sister fumble her way through a video game. Now I say that with all the love in the world because despite her inability to drive a car in Watchdogs 2 she is a blast to hang around with during a steam. For those of you who spend a lot of time on stream that last sentence might have confused you, so allow me to explain. You see, back before online gaming was a thing group of kids would gather around a single TV, shooting the shit while passing the contoller around. With the exception of getting passed a controller every now and then, Dara's streams are that same kind of experience. She reads the chat and responds to it almost as fast as it goes up, having actual conversations with her fans and not just screaming at them or acting "silly" to get views. Speaking of getting views, anyone heading to her stream to get a good look at Dara will quickly learn she is no gamer girl and has the game taking up the majority of the screen while she sits in a small box off to the side because Dara is not streaming for cash or attention, she does it beacuse she genuinely enjoys it. While Dara does her thing, others in chat are talking to one another free of meme spam and raid bullshit. It's this intimate atmosphere that makes me hesitant to advertise her stream lest it become so crowded Dara can't talk to everyone. Well, as far as problems go I guess that is a good one to have right?
Fans of Pure Pwnage might be pleasently surprised to find out Dara is a friend of the Pure Pwnage crew, and even gets a shout out in the Pure Pwnage TV show. I'll let you figure out what it is.(Hint: Check out her old handle on twitter or her YouTube page name.) Speaking of her Twitter and YouTube accounts, you can find Dara all over social media, as well as her Patreon page and a place to buy some sweet cosplay prints of hers, by following the links provided below. And, as always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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