State of the Blog Post 2017

For those of you wondering, that is Vera Bambi in the picture dressed as Misty from Pokemon. You can check her website out here or you can go straight to her shop here. Now then, on to business...

So, for those who may stop by here on a regular basis I thought I would do a little State of The Blog type post. Nothing too groundbreaking, but hey at least I am posting something. So, yea for me. Anyway, with March 2017 just one day away I thought I would try to push myself to do something I have yet to do on this at least once every single day! Yea I said, at least once which means you might just see two or even three post pop up on here in one day. Though that will most likely not happen very often. Now then, with all the Marvel movies and Netflix shows coming up, as well as the slew of new games coming out, and of course new Geek centered entertainment like The Power Rangers movie on the horizon, I thought this would be a perfect time to step up my game. Well, not exactly up so much as horizontal since quantity not quality has always been my big issue.

In addition to dedicating myself to posting everyday, I am going to be giving the blog a face lift. I plan on reaching out to some graphic artist and buying an actual logo and banner design I can be proud to have on the internet. I also plan on changing the template of the blog to something better on the eyes, although I will hold off until I get the logo and banner so as not to clash colors and such. Hopefully having something easier on the eyes will tempt you all to come back here more often. Speaking of tempting, I plan on including more lovely geek girls like the previously written about Dara Def and the pretty Vera Bambi seen on this post. So, even if you hate my writing at least you got that to look forward to, right?

Lastly, and probably most importantly, I am going to expand beyond the typical “crazy fan theory” post I usually do and start to post more reviews, opinions, and straight up awesome stuff related to Geek Culture. I already have quite a few ideas as to what type of things I want to produce, such as When Titans Tussle(an in depth look at what would really happen if two movie/comic book/video game characters fought) and Netflix Glitter or Geek Gold(reviews of those obscure geek looking movies that pop up on Netflix that you are not sure you should waste time checking out). All I need to really do now is get off my butt, actually on it since you type sitting down, and get to work. If any of you have any ideas feel free to comment and maybe I'll do it. As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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