Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The hidden history of transgenders in video games: Link is a female to male transgender queer, deal with it!!

*Editor's note: This Op-Ed was written by our new write, gender studies major Anita Mann. Anita is a female to male post op transexual man who identifies and dresses as a female. We first became aware of Anita Mann's work when she contacted this site and pointed out the numerous transgender video game characters, which my heterosexual mind simply over looked. We are glad to have her here at The Geek Getaway and look forward to more Op-Ed pieces in the future.{Those wondering why this piece was submitted under my name and not Anita's should know that Ms. Mann fears backlash from the cis white males of Gamer Gate and worries that this blog will be hacked so she hand writes her pieces and I rewrite and submit them for her.}

From Birdo to Poison, debates have raged all over the internet about who was the first transexual character in gaming. However, neither of these lovely trans women were the first. The very first trans character in gaming was Link from Legend of Zelda. I know all you white cis males are preparing your scathing comments, but you all know I am 110% right. After all, how many of you looked at that supple Link and had a special tingle in your dingle? All of you I bet! Don't worry honey, you're not gay, because Link is a transgender female to male queer. The evidence was staring you all right in the face all along but your closed cis minds couldn't handle it darling. I mean, look at Link's design, a green mini-skirt and thigh high boots and dark brown tights...honey, if that ain't a dead give away I don't know what is. Now, I know you all are going to claim that it's not a skirt, but a tunic. Well baby, there are no tunics in Japan! I highly doubt Japanese game designers would appropriate Eastern European culture, they aren't Americans honey. No, that is a green skirt, based off the traditional Japanese kimono. It looks exactly like something you would see an empowered waitress wear at a hostess bar in Tokyo. As for those boots, honey I got me two pair just like so don't even tell me a straight man would wear something like that. The tights, well if I have to explain those to you you're to far gone to help honey child.

The second big clue to Link's identity as a transgender person is the way he attacks his enemies. The sword Link wields has a double edge, typically used to slash at your enemies, which any man of the age would know. Link, as a former woman, pokes at his enemies with a sexual thrusting motion as if to say he is now going to penetrate people the way he was when he was a helpless woman. This is why Link has to face enemies that looks like a phallus and testes called Octorocks. Drop the tor in the middle and that was my reaction to seeing these enemies for the first time! Now the blue ones are more aggressive, just like you all get when yours get blue.

The final nail in the coffin is found in the life bar for Link. A series of hearts, which we all know stands for the most feminine characteristic of all, love. As Link gathers more love his powers grow, which is not exactly something a male would understand child. No, it is clear from all this, and from a conversation a very reputable source overheard in the men's bathroom at Nintendo USA , that Link is transgender, deal with it!

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